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Interview with a Transfer Student

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1. Do you believe CC was a good choice for you?
Yes, I do believe CC was the right choice for me. When I graduated high school I had no idea what I wanted to do with my future. CC allowed me the opportunity to really figure out what major I wanted and the type of higher education I wanted to pursue.

2. What was a positive about attending a CC? What was a negative aspect about going to a CC?
                The positive about attending a CC was the cost. I was able to get all my General Ed classes completed for way less than it would have been at a University. The negative about attending a community college is that it is really easy to get stuck there. You can take your time and switch majors so easily that students end up losing motivation to continue to a university.

3. What types of programs helped you stay on track to transfer?
I wasn’t involved in any programs, during CC. It was mostly the support from my family that kept me on track to transfer.

4. If you would have chosen to not attend college, where do you think you'd be right now?
                Honestly, I would probably still be working at Klondike Pizza.

5. Since you are a transfer student, how was the transition from a CC to a University?
                The transfer from Hancock College to Cal Poly was really rough my first quarter. CP is on the quarter system, so classes are only 11 weeks unlike AHC’s 16 week semester schedule. I had to learn how to handle a bigger work load in a shorter amount of time. I was reading 3-4 novels a week and having to write research papers almost every 2 weeks.  It was quite an adjustment. Also AHC had not prepared me to write a university level research paper. I had to take an additional writing and research class just to get up to speed with my peers.

6. Do you think college prepared you for the real world in anyway?
                Yes, I think college did help prepare me for the real world. College taught me discipline, determination, time management, team work, and commitment. I think these characteristics are extremely important because they are crucial in further developing our personal and professional lives.

7. What stresses you out the most in college?
                Money stresses me out the most about college. It cost so much and it doesn’t even guarantee you a job.

8. What is the difference between the professors at a CC and a University?
                In my experience there’s a huge difference between professors at a CC and a University. The instructors at a CC don’t really have a flair for their subject. They also don’t want to be challenged; they expect you to agree with everything they teach. Most of them seem to just be counting down the days until they retire. Professors at a University are so passionate about their subject, their passion becomes contagious. Also they encourage you to challenge them and do not take offense if students do not agree with what they are teaching. They really want students to go outside the box and draw their own interpretations and conclusions from the class.

9. Were you ever involved with any organizations, Greek life, clubs, ect? If so did it help you out in anyway?
                I didn’t have time to get involved in anything while at Cal Poly. Between work, school, and my commute I had no time for extracurricular activity.

10. How long did it take you to decide what to major in?
                It took me one semester at AHC to decide to be a history major. I loved History, so it just made sense to continue learning about it.

11. What is the best advice you have gotten about college? And what is the best advice you can give future students entering the college life?
                The only advice I have really gotten is to not give up because all my hard work will pay off in the end.  My advice to future students is to pick a major or area of study not because of the money you could possibly make from it, but because you genuinely like it. All the money in the world won’t make doing what you hate worth it.

12. Because you attended a CC and soon transferred, did this allow you the freedom to explore with class options before you figured out what major you wanted to pursue? And if you had went straight to a four-year, do you believe you would of been able to explore the variety of classes the CC offers?
I knew fairly early that I wanted to be a History major so I didn’t need to explore other class options. If I would have went to a University right after high school I think I would have chosen the same major. The university does allow you to explore classes with electives and General Ed classes.

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Community College vs University: Picking what is best for you!

Tight on Money   $ ?
-Well if your a high school senior and you do not have a job didn't apply for many scholarships/or received enough then how are you going to pay for your schooling? Having to pay for your own education can be an overwhelming thought when you a high school senior. But if you truly want to attend a University but you are just not able to pay for it, if your not eligible to receive enough financial aid, scholarships or do not want to be taking out loans then community college is for you. You save a ton of money and it was always a great beginning to reach your pursuit for higher education.

Unsure if a four year is for you?
- If you feel during your senior year unsure with what you plan to do with life after high school then community college is a great stepping stone. Not many students can handle the heavy workload Universities tend to have for the students. Being a university student means you must become an independent adult in a matter of two months max. Some students can not handle the overwhelming pressure to grow up and begin to think and work for themselves. 

What type of major to pursue?
Because Universities are becoming so competitive now a days, they require you to have an idea in what you plan to major in. Many students are undeclared because they still haven't found what there passion is. And if your a university student exploring the variety of classes that your school offers then maybe it wasn't the best idea to enter straight into a four-year. So that's why it is good to think ahead and try out different fields of study before you find the right one.

High School career wasn't good enough or to your best ability...
-Many students tend to not focus as much in High School and choose to mess around. Well that isn't the best plan out there because it just means falling behind and later having to pay the price your senior year and re-taking classes that you failed in. Because of these choices you weren't granted the choice to apply to a four year. But registering to a CC it allows you to improve you work ethic and it enables you to later transfer with an outstanding G.P.A. because you were able to focus more on your academics.

Pros and Cons About a CC vs University


- Cost of tuition is lower
- Flexible scheduling
-Smaller class sizes
- Opportunity to explore major options
-Transferable classes

- Limited curriculum
- Lighter workload
- Uninvolved students 
-Campus life (lacks)

PROS - University

- Affordable Tuition, Particularly For In-State Students
-Dynamic Atmosphere
- On-Campus employment opportunity
- Loyal Student Body
-Knowledgeable Instructors
-Challenging courses

CONS - University  

-Finding out Information
-Availability of classes
- Accessibility of Professors
-Students may get lost in the crowd (poor social skills)

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Words of Wisdom from Cody and Ryan

Cody (left) and Ryan (right) are both studying at Allan Hancock College. Cody is studying Photography and Ryan is studying Film and Video Production and they both would like to transfer to San Francisco State.

ME: What are your reasons for going to Community College? 

CODY: I wanted to go to Hancock first so I could do my general ed. quietly and cheap and I was also able to stay at home. So right now we just finished our second semester and since we are doing really good with general ed we are on track to transfer.

RYAN: My reasons for going to Hancock are pretty much the same as hers. With the major that I am going into, experience is very helpful as to pursuing a career out of it and Hancock is not only ranked Top 5 as one of the best Junior Colleges in the state, but their film program is very diverse and has a lot of programs and  areas of interest that you can do and so I wanted to go to Hancock not only because it was cheap and affordable but I could better myself in film knowledge that I can carry when I transfer.

ME: Do you believe Community College was a good choice?

CODY: Yes because not everyone knows what they want to do. I am changing my major, personally from when I got into Hancock and it's only been a year. So Hancock serves as a cushion for you to decide and makes it easier to adjust into things, like dipping your toe in to test the waters. You're not just jumping right into college so it was calming and not so stressful going to Hancock.
RYAN: The same!

ME:What is a positive about Community College and what is a negative?

RYAN: You are familiar with the area and you are comfortable.

CODY: A negative is that you kind of feel like you might be trapped a little because your friends went off to college and you stayed here but all my friends stayed to study here but I still feel like I could've probably done it but I still think its the better choice. If you're not sure or if you need to save money, Hancock is the better choice.

ME:What is helping you stay on track in order to transfer?

RYAN: The counseling office! They have a transfer center so they not only help you pick classes for your major but also classes that help you transfer on. We both met with a transfer counselor and I don't have to worry about my schedule for next year because it is already set! And the counselors there went to school to be transfer counselors so they know exactly what they are doing.

ME: Any other advice you would like to give to student that will be attending Community College next year?

Santa Maria CampusCODY: Don't feel embarrassed if you are going to Hancock just because your friends went off to a 4 year university. It's truly is beneficial to go since you save money and you can figure out what you want to do. Hancock is a great school, it offers great classes and great programs. You learn a lot and there are really good professors there.

RYAN: With any school you go to, its all about what you make of it. you can take the easiest courses, sit by idly or you can take some of the more challenging classes and you can say "Oh you know what, I am not a decided major yet but that looks interesting" and you find out that that is what you want to do with the rest of your life. Its all about what you make of it.

Help on How to Write a Research Paper

The dreaded research paper has plagued colleges all over the nation. Well, I hope this helps you once you are faced with the challenge...I'd like to thank Christa for sharing it with me :)

Research Paper Format -

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Going to Community College? Here's Some Advice from a Current Student!

Belen has been at a community college for 2 years now and is on track to transferring to Fresno State this fall and double majoring in Criminal Justice and Spanish and considering a minor in Sociology. 

ME: Do you believe community college was a good choice for you? why?

BELEN: For me it was a good choice. It gave me the opportunity to grow up more, and take my education more seriously. I wasn't ready to leave home right after high school, but now I'm more than ready to leave.

ME: What is a positive about going to community college? What is a negative aspect of community college?

BELEN: A positive about community college is that it allows you to mature and to realize what you really want. And you save a LOT of money, on books, tuition and housing. A negative may be is that if you don't take it seriously you will get stuck at AHC and not want to continue to a 4 yr.

ME: What type of programs are helping you stay on track with transferring?

BELEN: The types of programs that helped me stay on track were CAN (it is like AVID), and the Achieve Program which certain students are chosen from the SB Scholarship Foundation. Also, talking to a counselor and going to a transfer counselor too. That is a MUST!

ME: Any other advice you would like to give to students who will be attending Community College next year?

BELEN: Take it seriously. At the beginning it may seem as high school, but once you begin to mature you will see how serious and crucial it is to stay on track if a person wants to transfer to a 4 yr. and go talk to a counselor ASAP!! They will give you a student plan in which shows what classes you need to take and it plans it by semester.